Its Marathon Season! Get Ready to Race with AlterG® & HydroWorx® at DPTSI!

DPTSI Physical Therapists are working with local runners and placing emphasis on the development of good training habits and exercise programs to increase muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance over a long period of time. This remains the most effective way to improve performance and prevent injury, but with race day approaching for several local marathons, now is a good time to come in to DPTSI train and get prepared for race day.
In a sport like running—one so ancient and fundamental—each millisecond, each minute body movement, counts. The race against time, against ourselves, requires close attention to all that goes into that next bounding step, from gait to conditioning to recovery. And analyzing and improving running is something the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ and HydroWorx® Underwater Treadmill are particularly well suited for.

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Benefits of Unweighted Training
Unweighted training has gained steam in recent years, finding its way into Olympic and professional physical therapy programs. That’s because unweighted training evens the playing field, allowing patients to forget worries about falling, pain, and injury so they can focus on the exercise at hand.

Although there are a variety of practical applications for the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill, here is a brief overview of three key examples often used in physical therapy clinics.

AlterG® Gait Analysis
With advanced technology like Stride Smart, physical therapists can use gait and video analysis to identify asymmetry and gait deficiencies and to calculate the optimal body weight support needed for pain-free, normal gait or running. For the runner, Stride Smart provides instant feedback so they can make adjustments in real-time. Learn more here: Benefits of Video Recording Gait Physical Therapy Sessions.

Overspeed Training
Anti-Gravity Treadmill technology also allows for overspeed training, an effective method for training at running speeds greater than one’s regular competitive speed. During a typical overspeed training session, the athlete will run at a rate 8% to 13% faster than his or her maximum speed, which can help involve more muscle tissue in the exercise, thus enhancing performance. Learn more here: The What, Why, and How of Overspeed Training.
HydroWorx® unweighting and injury prevention
Using the underwater treadmill, our physical therapists, are able to correct gait problems like foot strike and stride. With the un-weighting property of water, a patient is able to work on strengthening weak muscles that contribute to injuries. Things that could not be done on land due to the pain, an be comfortably handled in the water: like calf raises, squats, etc.

Specialized Recovery and Rehab
Recovery is another way runner’s make improvements. Because the sooner one can bounce back from a 5k, or a marathon, or from any injuries that result, the sooner they can resume a normal running regimen and, if applicable, begin training for the next competition. The goal is to work toward full body-weight running without risk for injury or other setbacks. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill has a variety of applications for runners looking to rehab from injury and overuse. Learn more here: Specialized Rehab and Training for Runners.
DPTSI now offers our exclusive REST. RECOVER. REJUVENATE. program which includes the AlterG and Hydroworx options. We have a special focus on helping Athletes achieve Optimal Performance.

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