Alter G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® featuring Stride Smart™

DPTSI is proud to offer the new AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill featuring Stride Smart™ Gait Analytics & Video Monitoring.  AlterG® builds life-changing technology that is reinventing physical rehabilitation and training with the goal of enabling people to sustain healthy and active lives through mobility. The innovative Anti-Gravity Treadmills® are designed to enhance rehab and training for everyone, from professional athletes to seniors to children.  It provides our patients a rehab and training experience unlike ever before. Using NASA-developed Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, gentle lifting forces are applied using air to unweight patients to as little as 20% of their bodyweight.  This procecss enables a precise adjustable reduction in impact and gravitational forces while walking, running, or during closed-kinetic chain exercise. 

Recover & Train with AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills®

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills are leading the revolution in unweighting therapy. With more freedom, greater precision, and broader application, AlterG enables people to move in ways they could never have imagined. All to recover, maintain, and enhance physical function for better mobility, health, and performance.

Want to improve your pace and conditioning without the wear and tear on your muscles and joints from ground and pound workouts?

DPTSI is now offering the latest and most innovative technology from AlterG with Stridesmart. Get instant feedback to achieve better results by leveraging AlterG’s new video monitoring, data interface and customizable workouts. Prevent bad habits or future injuries by seeing and correcting deficiencies in real time.

Improve Outcomes with Stride Smart Gait Analytics & Video Monitoring

Amplify the power of AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® precision unweighting therapy with Stride Smart Gait Analytics and the Digital Video Monitoring System (Digital VMS).

With Stride Smart, you get powerful, simplified, real-time gait mechanics data. So you can achieve optimal results in your rehab programs. Stride Smart is intuitive, it’s engaging, it’s collaborative, and it’s designed for smarter therapy.

Digital VMS gives patients or athletes instant visual feedback, helping them see abnormalities they may not feel in motion. So you can work better and get more from your rehab and training programs.



Improve Outcomes Across Broad Applications

     •Empower patients to move pain-free again.
     •Begin weight-bearing exercise sooner while protecting sensitive healing tissues.
     •Encourage range of motion, shown to improve outcomes.
     •Support unimpeded, normalized gait mechanics.
     •Reduce gravitational forces to help maintain – or regain – healthy conditioning.
     •Support motor learning in a fall-safe environment.
     •Enable functional activity and task-specific training.
     •Provide support in a controlled setting for static and dynamic standing practice to work on balance, control, & strength.
     •Reduce the barrier to exercise for deconditioned, obese, or otherwise impaired users.
     •Initiate gradual training programs at rates that set patients up for continued and escalating fitness achievement.
     •Increase exercise volume while minimizing stress-related workload.
     •Provide objective data to incentivize long-term engagement.
     •Limit downtime by enabling training through injuries and return to sport in better condition.
     •Begin post-surgery training sooner.
     •Increase training volume while minimizing stress-related injury.
     •Utilize objective data to measure progress and increase motivation.
Alter G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® featuring Stride Smart™

Optimize Therapy with Stride Smart Gait Analytics

Stride Smart for AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills® amplifies the power of precision unweighting therapy with real-time, intuitive, objective data assessment. By integrating gait analytics and pain recording with AlterG unweighting technology, Stride Smart enables you to harness key objective measures and optimize rehab in a wide variety of clinical applications. Easily, intelligently, and on the fly.

Stride Smart is integrated with built-in video monitoring.

Weight Bearing Symmetry Section

Improves balance control and reduces risk of pain and joint degeneration from overuse in the unaffected leg.

Step Length Symmetry

Improves symmetry for increased step length, better walking speed, more efficient gait, and reduced fall risk.

Stance Time Symmetry

Helps patients correct asymmetries to achieve increased step length, walking speed, and improved stance time.


Improvements can lead to faster gait, better mobility, and improved health.

Pain Recording

Correlating gait and unweighting with patient-reported pain scores helps establish optimal parameters for therapy.

Stride Smart Gait Analysis

The Best in the Business and in the Game

The AlterG Advantage in Sports

Pro Sport Teams Train & Rehabilitate with AlterG®

AlterG products are found in thousands of leading sports and physical rehabilitation facilities worldwide.  The world’s best athletes and sports teams are training with the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® to maximize their performance.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is being used by 29 NFL, 27 NBA23 MLB, 3 NHL, and 3 MLS teams along with 116 Universities and Colleges, including 7 Division II, 7 Division III, and 1 community college. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill is also used in 5 US Olympic Training Centers.

The best collegiate and professional athletic teams are defying gravity to up their game:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New England Patriots
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Denver Broncos
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • New York Giants
  • Most of the NFL teams
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Miami Heat
  • Most of the NBA teams
  • Texas Rangers
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Chicago Cubs
  • NCAA Football National Champions University of Alabama
  • NCAA Basketball Champions Villanova
  • University of Colorado
  • University of North Carolina
  • Top NCAA track and field programs
  • Top NCAA football and basketball programs, including the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Duke Blue Devils
  • DC United
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • U.S. Olympic Training Centers
  • All of the English Premier League soccer clubs, including the champions Manchester City

AlterG Testimonial Videos

Running, Injury, and Rehab on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill - AlterG

AlterG is proud to present this video showing a range of patients with different diagnoses using the AlterG:
1. A Parkinson's patient walking safely, allowing her to stay mobile and improve her condition
2. An overweight patient enjoying running for the first time and losing weight
3. A triathlete recovering from an injury and competing again
4. An injured cop recovering from an injury, enabling him to return to his job.

An Introduction to the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Listen as AlterG's Clinical Specialist, Jacon Chun, PT describes the benefits of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, and how its comfortable, safe body weight support allows users to Defy Gravity®! See how the Anti-Gravity Treadmill® gets people back on their feet in no time!

AlterG is the game changer in physical therapy & rehabilitation.

Defy Gravity with the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

The Alter G-Trainer offers personalized precision un-weighting benefits that build run specific endurance without the pain and risk associated with full-weight impact on joints, bones, tendons, and muscles. With a simple touch of a button, a runner can reduce bodyweight in 1% increments, all the way up to 80% of bodyweight.

How the AlterG Benefits a Senior Rehabilitation Patient

Meet Barbara. Barbara suffers from a spinal cord injury along with cervical stenosis. She currently uses a walker to assist in her mobility. Barbara exercises using AlterG's senior rehabilitation treadmill to work on balance, gait training, strength and endurance.
AlterG's Antigravity Treadmill is ideal for cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy exercise.

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