Cold compression therapy combines two elements of the first aid technique, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation); active pneumatic compression with cryotherapy (also referred to as cold therapy).  Cold compression therapy works by distributing alternating pressure (this removes edema and reduces swelling which can be eliminated by the lymphatic system). Also, the improved circulation with the intermittent pressure promotes and accelerates tissue healing and tissue quality. Additionally, the decrease in temperature reduces pain by constricting blood flow to the injury.

The 5 documented benefits of cold compression include:
1. reduced pain and swelling
2. increased healing of tissues
3. decreased need for oral pain medication
4. increased range of motion
5. lowered rehabilitation time
GAME READY® Full leg boot is now available at DPTSI

How does Game Ready work?

Game Ready products have a control unit which includes single and dual connector hoses, along with several accessories: a rechargeable battery pack kit, protective carry and wrap bags for safe storage and transport.

Game Ready has many different styles of wraps to accommodate several parts of the body. Their wraps feature a special design called ATX™ (Active Temperature Exchange). This design facilitates the simultaneous circulation of ice water and air (cold therapy), while providing compression.
From cryo-caps for head injuries, to wraps for the back, arms and legs, Game Ready offers cold compression options for all cold therapy needs found in a physical therapy clinic.

Cold therapy (cryotherapy) promotes vasoconstriction and reduces blood flow, reduces inflammation and edema (swelling), decreases muscle spasms, decreases metabolic demand, and safely relieves pain without narcotics. Cold therapy is used immediately following acute injury or surgery and as needed thereafter.  Some of the patient populations we’ve used Game Ready’s cold compression wraps for are:
• Ankle Injuries
• Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
• Carpal Tunnel
• ACL Injuries
• Post knee-replacement surgery

In addition to the rehabilitative benefits of Game Ready’s cold compression devices, what makes them a great addition to a physical therapy clinic is their time efficiency. Being able to deliver the benefits of cold and compression simultaneously makes the most out of the treatment time available in a physical therapy session.

When a patient has first sustained an injury, decreasing pain and swelling are two of the most important goals in order to create a treatment regimen that can get them back to their daily routines and activities. Game Ready provides products that deliver on those goals, every time.


Game Ready System Medical Course

Orthopedic surgeon explains how the Game Ready System combines compression and cold water circulation to reduce pain swelling and muscle spasms.

Game Ready Ice Compression Unit

Rehabilitation, Post Surgery using Game Ready System

How to use your Game Ready

Step by step demonstration on how to set up and use the Game Ready Device

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