WHY USE THE ROXs Sports Performance TRAINING

Optimizes Training Sessions

Provides measurable routines, either predefined and customizable, for an individual, both in teams, groups or one-on-one.


Simple and Durable

The system is easy to use with a simple set up & recharging system, along with versatility in program configuration. Designed for both outdoor & indoor use, ROXs™ is water and impact resistant.


Provides Objective Evaluations

Where areas of improvement are determined, performance levels are analyzed, enhancements to the training regime are applied to improve overall performance.

ROXs Sports Performance Training™

Bring any type of training to the next level
Different clients have different needs, ROXs are flexible. Fitness, performance, sport-specific, injury-prevention, rehab, cognitive training or just active play; all are powered by ROXs. For one-on-one sessions or group settings. ROXs has more than 100 training variations available.

Increase engagement with tech + gaming
ROXs uses the excitement of sensor technology and gamification to make any kind of training more fun. ROXs enhances the motivation to move and provides unlimited ways to train. No session has to be the same.

State-of-the-art IoT technology is at the heart of ROXs. Multiple sensors detect and respond to tap, flip, toss, balance and shake movements. Lights, sounds and haptic clues stimulate senses. Reaction data, challenges, competitions and programs drive motivation to move.

Stand out with Flash Reflex 2.0
Flash Reflex Technology has been used by professional athletes for years. Now it's accessible for you to use to improve everything from reaction time to cognitive ability.  ROXs has added sound and gamification elements to increase fun and versatility. Plus, it has a built in patented body-control feature that trains balance and coordination. Our clients and athletes love ROXs.




• Transform your workouts into interactive experiences
• Innovate your training, add a new dimension to your movements and measure it
• For all Sports and training clients; young to old, beginner to pro



Sport Specific High Performance Training

Enhanced Reaction & Response Time

Improved speed, agility, stamina, conditioning, coordination and visual cognitive processing functions

Sports performance analysis to track and monitor athlete’s development and provide real-time feedback

Easy to analyze data for the coach or trainer

“As soon as I saw this product I knew my parkour and natural movement students would LOVE it.
It’s fun for both adults and kids and there are endless ways to use it to make obstacle courses and other activities even more engaging. In addition I love that students can measure their results to the millisecond so this product is also great for helping them improve. Boosting engagement + performance = the perfect training tool!
I would recommend this to any fitness professional who’s interested in standing out from the crowd and adding some gamification to their workouts. These can be used during warmups partner drills HIIT circuits and so much more.” 
Nikkie Z., Owner Wildly Fit, Jersey City / NYC, @getwildlyfit

"ROXS is a fundamental tool for my coaching work. I love that it adds a cognitive training element and that it allows me to focus 100% on my athletes. And all my players love it as well."

Peter M., Soccer Coach, Barcelona, @peter.hpc  

ROXs Training Videos

"I use ROXs everyday to stay in shape."
Stepfán Taylor
4 year NFL Pro and ex Stanford Captain (in video)

ROXs2 as a Interactive Training System
Lower Body Exercises with ROXs!
Warm Up And Mobility Exercises (Upper/Lower Body) with ROXs Interactive Training System
Warm-Up and Mobility Exercises with ROXs! (Body Control).

Upper Body Exercises with ROXs Interactive Training System
Upper Body Exercises with ROXs! (The Great Deactivate)
The Cat training with ROXs
Improve, Speed, agility, reaction, timing and accuracy through this revolutionary training device
ROXs Interactive Training System
Demonstrating capabilities of the ROXs Sports Performance Training

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